Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Music of My Life . . .

Journal Entry, 10 3, 2016

Returning from running errands I sit at my dining table for a few and eat some lunch before heading upstairs to my office.  Just as I finish,  Beautiful Instruments (TV station that plays all day, every day.  Til News Time at 6 p.m.) begins another song.  As I listen, I am taken back.  Suddenly, I am hearing . . .

The Music of My Life . . .

It’s Friday night, the game is over, and we have arrived at the high school gym.  Me ‘n my Forever Love, L'il Joe.  The DJ plays the current hits of the day and the kids begin to mingle and reach for their partners.  Me ‘n my Forever Love head to the dance floor to the strains of . . .

“Only You” . . .

* * * * *

The years pass.  Marriage to Jerry, four children, divorcing after 22 years . . . struggling on my own for a time.  Finally, another marriage, another divorce.

But through the years . . .always . . . whenever I hear this song, I imagine Jerry hearing it . . . I imagine that HE is thinking this.  Even though I know it’s only and Always in MY Mind.

“You Were Always on my Mind”

* * * * *

And then, the song which for 21 years always reminded me of a man, a mutual friend of Jerry's and mine, and of the attraction – never acted upon – between him and me.

“It’s Impossible” –

And then, 30 years later, we reconnect . . . for a short time.  And I am young and in love all over again. Hard and strong and beautiful.

“And I Love You So” –

Alas, too many years have passed and old age interferes.  Reality intervenes once again.  Several months of a brief and beautiful interlude conclude.

And now . . . and now . . .

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