Friday, December 31, 2010

Email to Kids and Some Others (1) (12/01/2010)

This (above) is what The Former Eternal Optomist, Pollyanna (me) is 'talkin' about, Willus.' 

'Cept the writer (above) spells it out clearly.

It's also why I disagree when I hear a public figure talk about how intelligent the American people are. They are lazy and self-indulgent and want to simply push a button for whatever they want . . . and they want it now. The flip side/down side of this technology is up and running. Like the dominoes that start to fall . . . or the boat that approaches the waterfall, the time for turning back has passed. This generation continues to happily hand off all aspects of their privacy without a clue or regard for the consequences.

Being a child in the Decade of the Forties was one of the biggest blessings in my life! I will miss some of the consequences waiting 'round the bend.


Email to Kids and Other Friends (2) (12/21/2010)

Merry Christmas to All !

Interesting article offering thoughtful perspective. (Kids, you may remember from your childhood, this is why the Church of Christ does not celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday and has no special Christmas service.)

I trust your faith, like mine, can withstand the scrutiny of facts.


Message to the President (12/30/2010)

Dear Mr. President --

You can likely tell from my email address where I'm coming from, although I would clarify by saying I am a conservative Liberal.

That means I believe in personal responsibility, standing up for your principals no matter what, and working hard to achieve your goals.  In other words, get up, get dressed, and SHOW UP for work.  And forgiveness. 

And with your election, I again believed I could hold my American grey head high.

You and your wife continue to set a much-needed and refreshingly honorable example to the rest of us.  DO NOT CAVE!!!

BECAUSE -- we are ALL fed up with Congress.  Tell them to start earning their pay.  I now believe in term limits because of their conduct in the past ten years.

Bring BACK the JOBS.  Quickly.  Reward American companies for staying on AMERICAN SOIL.

Restrict the benefits of members of Congress to those given the American people.

A great quick way to fix the Big Mess would be to pitch out all the rules and regulations since the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Bill of Rights.  Begin anew with EACH piece of legislation limited to ONE ISSUE/SUBJECT and no more than THREE TYPED PAGES!!!!

A THOUSAND-PAGE Health Care Bill??  Are you kidding?

I support health care reform but cannot answer the criticisms directed at me by my own children (staunch Republicans who get their news from FOXX and Glenn Beck—BLEGGHHH!!!) with regard to this legislative monstrosity.)

Most of us believe it is too late to save this country; we are already too close to the Falls in our rickety old boat. 

It would take a miracle to reverse the tide. 

And yet, I DO believe in miracles.

Dawn Bohannon
72-year-old single mother of (4), grandmother of (11), great-grandmother of 1, soon to be 2, part-time writer/genealogist