About Me

I am trying to add stuff here almost every day. Hopefully, it will be a means of networking with other writers and publishing sources . Eventually I hope to display/offer my books -- which I am still editing -- for M-O-N-E-Y-Y-E-A-H!

Additionally, a few months ago I signed on as Ambassador with the James Robieson "Water for Life" program.   My website --

 Lots of contributors giving small amounts would work miracles.

Children are dying every day in Third World countries because they drink polluted water. To think that we take it so for granted -- it is hard to comprehend the difference. I do believe water, or the lack thereof, is the next environmental issue facing the world.

Any contribution, $10, $20, whatever, will be so appreciated.

If your congregation publishes a newsletter, it would be great if you would get them to list the website and/or send it to all your email buddies. 

I am trying to reach as many folks as possible.

$4800 to build a well in a village would prevent so much death and disease. It seems such a small amount for such a great reward but I am finding it difficult to find contributors. Everyone seems to have their own favorite charity. I can understand that but wish they would consider a small donation to this worthy cause, as well.

HNY and God Bless!