Friday, April 8, 2011


Facebook Asks, "What's On Your Mind" . . .

What's On My Mind? I'll tell you what's on my mind . . . telehone technology CRAP is what's on my mind.
What is a phone? A device to call people. It has numbers you dial. And then you make a connection. And you talk.
So here I sit at son's home babysitting puppys -- I came yesterday to fix dinner because D-I-L has been gone a week on PI survellience. Unexpected family medical emergency in Louisville required son to join D-I-L and the rest of her family there yesterday.
So here I am at son's home. Always travel with toothbrush and Jammies, but this time I forgot charger cord to charge my basic OLD-Style ("stone age" -- numbers only!) Verizon cell phone. So I am about to have dead battery.
"Not to worry, Mom, just use the spare cell phone in our bedroom," says D-I-L Becky, calling on MY cell which is about to die. Problem is, I finally figure out that the top "slides" to the side -- VOILA! a keyboard.  But the keys are nano-second size and even though I manage to hit the correct ones with the numbers above the letters, nothing happens.
Excuse me???? What is the purpose of a phone?? To dial numbers . . . to speak Via the phone. All this phone does is redial a previously dialed number.
Later, after still another call from D-I-L to my own soon-to-be-dead cell phone, I learn not only does top slide SIDEWAYS -- (for texting . . . !!!), it also slides UP! -- for dialing.  Dialing as in PHONE. 
The cover -- which slides SIDEWAYS OR UP and DOWN -- of this 5x3 inch piece of CR--I mean technology -- has a screen that looks like my computer desktop screen; i.e., about 25 tiny icon pictures.  None of which say anything resembling "to use as phone, touch/click here".

I am so P-----ed.

Did I mention this TECHNOLOGY SUCKS!?????