Monday, April 16, 2012

Lord Have Mercy . . .

Another GR-R-R-EAT program last night – "Finding Your Roots". Three ministers were featured, Rick Warren (Christianity), Angela Buchdahl (Judiaism), and Yasir Quadhi (Muslin).

I was so impressed with each of them as they learned who their ancestors were, how they came to America’s shores many years ago, and especially as they discussed what America and their religion means to each of them.

But then --


I learned there are now TWO POINT FIVE MILLION MUSLIMS living right here. In my Waspy Golly-Gee-Whiz America; in the ‘good old USA, population THREE HUNDRED EIGHT MILLION SEVEN HUNDRED FORTY-FIVE THOUSAND, FIVE HUNDRED THIRTY-EIGHT!!!!!
= = = = =

Sharia Law is coming. Maybe not today . . . but probably next month or maybe a few months after that.

Run for the Hills!

Take blankets and food and guns and shovels. Find a forest or a hillside . . . And dig in!

God Help Us All!!