Saturday, April 21, 2012

Put God BACK in Schools?????

You Can’t Put Something Back That Wasn’t There in the First Place . . .

You can put it IN, but you can’t put it BACK.

As in God.

God was never IN the schools in the first place. In Michigan, that is. Prior to 1954, that is. I believe Michigan public schools were typical of most.

He was in the communities surrounding the schools, of course. In the homes, in the churches, in the synagogues. And Mom was in the kitchen – well, in the other rooms too.

Saturdays and Sunday mornings found many (the majority?) families attending the church or synagogue of their choice. For Christians such as my family, that often meant we returned home for the scrumptious Sunday dinner of pot roast or fried chicken that Mom had prepared before the rest of us were up.

During my school years from the mid-Forties to mid-Fifties God’s PRESENCE or influence was evident throughout the community. Evidence of His influence certainly carried over into the schools. School officials insisted on and got respect for their authority; consequences followed inappropriate behavior.

You reap what you sow. That’s not just a farm axiom or religious platitude. It’s physics.

Being a strong independent woman who supports woman’s issues and causes, I feel entitled to say this:

Maybe instead of trying to put God into public schools, we should focus our efforts on trying to find ways to help Mom get back in the home.

Okay.  I know.  I've just offended both the RIGHT and LEFT, Conservatives AND Librals. 

But I’m just sayin’ . . .