Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wondering . . . And Remembering

How come I’ve always known I could never hide anything from God? That He is right there, listening to everything I say, watching every thing I do?

Sitting at my dining room table sipping my coffee, as usual, my heart is filled with thankfulness and water begins to drip from my eyes. As usual. This time in thankfulness for my precious little mom and dad. I don’t know specifically what they said or did but somehow I have known from childhood that He was always there.

Among the many twists and turns, failures and shortcomings in my spiritual path, the one I never had to overcome was realizing God was always there. Listening. Watching. Waiting. My brain still retains memories of being a child and talking to Him. Whenever. Wherever. I always knew He knew.

Sweet, precious mother of mine. Dearest Daddy. See my tears and feel the love and thankfulness I send up to you this morning as I count the many blessings in my life which began with you.

Your Grateful Child