Saturday, January 8, 2011

Is This the Party To Whom I AM Speaking . . . ? (12/03/2000)

I complain about today’s technology and where it is taking us. Even though I love it too. How you have to be an electronic engineer to know how to operate a radio, a VCR Remote, Stero, etc. Of answering machines that talk to answering machines. Of the fact that never can I make direct contact with my children via phone. ALWAYS I get their answering machines.

I DO have an answering machine. But ALWAYS answer when it’s a kid calling. If I’m there. So I tease/complain to them about it.

I do not have a cell phone.  I do not WANT a cell phone.  What is an iPod???? (Don’t even answer that!)

One day my daughter and I were discussing this and she said, “when dad calls and gets John’s machine, he says, 'well, what the hell are you mad about' and then John calls him right back.”

* * * * * * * * * *
A Few Days Later -- 12/06/2000

Message Left on Son John’s Answering Machine
(Spoken in Deep, Gruff Voice)



This is your dad.

So what the hell are you mad about?

This is your dad. Not your mom.

So.  I called to wish you Happy Birthday.

And I know you’ll call me back in about ten minutes.

Because this is your dad. Not your mom.

And here’s a new number. I know you think it’s a strange number coming from me . . . your dad . . . in Michigan.

But it’s a cell phone. I just got it. (It’s NOT your mom’s phone).

It’s me. Your dad.

So.  Call me. At this number. 228-3714.


Your dad.


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