Saturday, June 2, 2012

Beautiful Music . . . Beautiful Memories

I am over-dosing on this CD; have been playing it in my car for weeks:  "Beyond the Sunset," MMVIII Maple Street Music, LLC.

Listening to these songs fills my heart to bursting --

Beyond the Sunset, In The Sweet By and By, Tennessee Waltz, My Happiness, In the Garden, Some Days, Suppertime, With a Song, Way Out in the West, He Touched Me, I Will Praise Him, There is a River

-- with heart-wrenching memories of childhood and young motherhood. And the tears erupt.

A little bit of pain, a little bit of joy . . . all mixed up together in memories of "home"; in a time and place that used to be. And yet . . .

I am so grateful to have a home in which to be . . .a yard in which to dig and plant . . . a peaceful, lovely place to be.

I am home.

Alone . . .

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