Friday, February 6, 2015

Listening to the Music . . .

Sitting with my coffee next to the fireplace starting my day with some scripture reading and thanking God for my many blessings -- Easy Listening music on the TV (as always) and "I'm a Dreamer, Aren't We All" interrupts my thought and my thankfulness immediately turns to the sound --

Thank you, God, for the music. How can twelve little notes create such a beautiful variety of melodies? And where would we be without the music? . . .

Except . . .

There’s been an addition this past week. A little "chirp . . . chirp . . . chirp."

What kind of little bird is that, anyway? And how did he get in the house?

Oh, wait. It’s NOT a bird. It’s that thing in the ceiling down the hall and outside my bedroom. That alarm thing for smoke or carbon monoxide or something. There’s actually three of these round things up there in that hall ceiling . . .

And one of them is "chirping" because . . .

Because . . . I think . . . the battery needs changing.

Except my daughter was over a couple of days ago and heard it and climbed on the step stool and put in a new battery. I thought.

But the chirping continued.

So the next day I got up on the step stool and pulled off the cover. But there were no batteries inside – just a bunch of multi-colored plastic coated wires. Hmmmm.

So that evening I called son John, Master Fixer of Everything. Explained – or tried to – what was going on.

"Where do I put the new batteries?"

"You don’t.  It’s an old unit, over ten years old."

"So, then, I should just go to Home Depot and replace . . . "

"No, you can’t do that."

"Well, can’t I just take it with me and show them . . . "

"No, you can’t. Unless you want me to have to replace all the wiring."


"Just leave it alone. I have to come over there and fix it."

"Oh . . . "

* * * *
So, for now, the chirping continues.

Adds kind of an interesting . . . unusual addition to the music . . . I reckon.

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