Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Where Have All the Strong Men Gone . . . (Journal Entry 08/04/1998)

The events are real.  A situation a relative had to deal with and resolve.

It renews a train of thought -- and question -- I have had for many years.   The series of events that actually occurred become a perfect example to illustrate my point.

It seems to me it STILL is and probably ALWAYS WILL BE a man's world.

Women's Lib came along and fought for and got some recognition and justice for women.  So now, supposedly, we are equal.  We can screw around just like the men.

Except some of us don't really want to screw around.  Okay, we don't make a big issue of "you can't F--- me unless we're married.  We've learned that getting married in order to have sex is a very STUPID reason to get married.

So some of us don't hold out anymore. 

But something bad has happened along the way.  Women are STILL getting screwed.  Just in a different way.  Here is my illustration:

Along comes this guy.  He is attracted to the young woman.  Crazy about her in some ways.  Possessive at times.

So he barrels into her life.  Helping her financially.  Buying a car (in his name but she has it to use whenever); building/fixing/painting things in her house.  Helping her pay for her horse, for God's sake.  Spends weekends with her. 

Time goes by.

Now he comes over during the week, as well.  She cooks for him, nurtures him whatever way he needs nurturing

It begins to look like a long-term thing.

Then he drops the BOMBSHELL..

Along the way they began to talk about "things".  Now he wants to "move in".  He tells her:  "I would have to live with someone for at least three years before I would know whether or not we should be married."

Fortunately, the young woman has the good sense to say "no way, buster."

She knows what a terrible example this would set for her children.  Plus, I hope she realizes by the time they lived together for three years there would never be a marriage.

He will have gotten disappointed or angry or whatever enough times that he will think, "Oh, I guess she isn't my dream girl after all."



You COMMIT and work it out.  Or else you don't.

So here we are, girls.  Still getting the short end of the stick.

Peter Pan is alive and well. 

My question is, "Where have all the strong men gone?"

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