Friday, May 9, 2014

God Is Good . . . So Very, Very Good!

I needed my lawn leveled and grass seed respread where the gas company left a hump in my lawn last January after installing gas lines from the street to my house. (Sons John and Tom, Angels in Disguise, hooked up the line from the house to the fireplace). I contacted a landscaper and the cost was to be $300 -- fair, I'm sure, but a lot of money for me so he told me I could pay half at the time of the work and half the next month. How good of him. So I agreed.

Three days before he was scheduled to do the work, I got a check in the mail for $294.00 -- a refund for my overpayment in my Escrow account!

 A few months ago, my son John "loaned" me a John Deere riding lawn mower -- I love it, it is fun! But constant flat tires and dull blades that make ridges in my lawn were frustrating. Sons cannot constantly be coming here to fix my stuff -- they have their own stuff, and then some, to fix. So my prayer has been, please, God, just let me be able to pay for and take care of my own stuff.

Yesterday, son-in-law, Randy, picked up a used 4-drawer filing cabinet for me that I had found on Craig's List and told me, as he was driving around Nashville, he "just happened" to notice a truck advertising "Mobile Lawn Mower Repair" and wrote down the number. Voila! I called the number, the guy came out and sharpened my blades and removed my flat tire, which I then took to local auto repair shop and they fixed for TEN DOLLARS! Then, the guy came back and put the tire back on the lawn mower!

Call me if you want his number. Call God if you want His Help! "HE" coordinates beautifully . . .

Thank you, God, for caring about me and my problems! As always.

Your Grateful, Praiseful Child,

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