Friday, May 9, 2014

IMI (Irving Materials, Inc.) MEMORIES . . .


When I lived in my Donelson condo (2 miles from where I worked at Irving Materials, Inc). I had a deck off my LR with steps down to a second, lower deck surrounded by a round garden with a tree in the middle. The previous owner had converted most of the yard, front, side, and back, into gardens so mowing was easy. Keeping up with all the gardening not so much.

One day I came down the steps into the yard to smell the flowers and there in one side garden came this cat-sized furry black and white creature with a long high tail. "Oh, my!" I exclaimed . . . as he scurried back into the neighbor’s yard from whence he came.

For a time I had a box turtle. I started leaving veggies out for him which disappeared regularly for a couple of weeks. I think he lived under the lower deck. Then he disappeared. I think the neighbor’s dog got him.

One day, after working in the yard, I came inside, went into my half bath, stripped off my garden clothes, and dropped them into the washer located across the hall from the half bath. Went upstairs to my master bath, took a shower, and came back downstairs. I went back into the half bath and lifted the toilet seat (why???) and there sat a little green frog. I screamed. He jumped.

Recovering, I closed the door, went to the kitchen and got a glass jar, returned to the bathroom, got him into the jar, and released him onto the tree in the garden surrounding the lower deck. The next day I told my little tale at work.

My birthday was about a week later. I came to work that morning and my office door was closed. We never close our office doors.

I opened the door to discover my office "friends" had decorated my entire office.  Green and white balloons were hanging all over from the ceiling. And frogs – all sizes and shapes – stuffed and ceramic – were sitting all over my desk and computer and table!


Taking my Frogs and LEAVING!

"The Frog Lady," as I was now called, retired from IMI in September of 2007. But that was after my birthday "surprise" in March of that same year. I do believe the Zoo inmates outdid themselves this time.

I opened my closed office door that March 17th, to discovered this:

How many rolls of tin foil does it take to cover an entire office, anyway??? 

And that's the way it was at Dear Ol'  I--M--I. 

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